Christmas Lights

by Christmas Lights

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Recorded in my bedroom over the summer, fall, and winter of 2012-2013


released February 1, 2013

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Finn Warfield, except: "Be True to Your School" written and performed by the Beach Boys.
A very special thanks to Larry Tagg



all rights reserved


Christmas Lights Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Firs
My eyes refuse to close at the thought of the good. Can't make myself dream, and I don't think I should. For all of my dreams will make me go back, and start a vicious chain. And I feel so detached, so lost, so displaced. It's just my reality is vastly effaced. When all I can think is no more words exchanged, the warmth of my telephone started to shrink. And I'm in a coma, I'm trying to get out. I'm getting real down, my situation has doubt. Now I just will not have this, I must make this stop. I'll run out on my street and put my lungs out up top. I won't be done, I'm not on planet Earth. Until it's all back together. I'm going to fight, I can't do this. It's not happening. I'm freaking out. A rush in my stomach made me let it all out. Claustrophobia set in, and I was fighting the crowd. My eyes are so heavy, but the stomach worms won't stop. They're scaling the levee of the river that floods my thought shop.
Track Name: Anagram & Acronym
Can't separate myself. Attached at the hip. I know I was a little bit. Hung up on your shelf, just a tiny strip. I know I was a little bit. Excited I was, and so were you. If only for a little bit. Getting out of bed, I love these days. They only lasted for a little bit. Hang me by a string, as long as it gets. Keep it down low nice and suppressed. Patience lasts a long time. It takes some time to see that you held me in the dark for so long. Choose your words carefully. I'm finally what I wanted to be. Act on pride for carefree. My position not considered honestly. Hang me by a thread as long as it gets, so you'll never know when it's dead. I'll never know when it's dead. It's tough when you bring reservation to the table. Forever drenched in your nostalgia, I'll be the one that's right outside your window at 10:00 sharp, I'll be right here, timely as always. You're the one I drop it all for.
Track Name: Mothers Against Dysentary and Deceit
Figure out what you seem. You got the wrong idea. You don't like to be seen without a smile. Push it all away. Cry yourself to sleep. Never know what to say 'cause you'll start to weep. The best thing is not to talk, except I really want to talk about it. You'll just keep it locked, except I really want to talk about it. I'm sorry but my world is turned around, I'm just trying to make some sense of it. You're sitting here, lying on the ground, and you aren't even the one that was lied to. I tried so hard to tell you, you weren't being a bitch. But you can keep telling yourself that, get down on yourself for an image. The best thing I can do is refrain from talking, except I really want to talk about it. Just keep yourself in shock, and you'll never talk. Just like I never talk, and we'll never talk.
Track Name: Walking. Running. Hopping. Crawling.
I'm standing here, in front of the dark house. Any minute now, I know how much time has passed. I see a light come on, and now it's gone. I guess my imagination gets ahead of me sometimes. Will you ever be here with me? Are you willing like I am to see the lights again? How can I just assume that you'll want to be here soon? I'm waiting here for you at the dark house. How many minutes ago did you say you'd be here? I want to wait some more, but I'm foolish to stay here all night. I think I'll wait some more, but I think you might have lost the address. I take another look at the dark house. I see myself doing all I wanted. I want you to be here looking with me now at this dark house.
Track Name: Circus Accidents
Never thought this was my ego's fate. An SAT word I learned too late. All of your confusion on my plate. Emotions you'll have to demonstrate. Keep me in the dark. Tell me it's alright. Bite before bark, what we did in the night. Take me upstairs with you. Take a little time to chew I'll wait enough for you to just tell me what I need to do. Is it all a common trait? Unable to articulate. On thin ice I will skate, until you can calculate.
Track Name: Sensosketch
Time to wake up. Time to sweep the broken glass. Time to reflect. Why do you do this? You do what you feel. Don't call me surprised if you steal. Try not to get anymore real. Confused color teal. Don't worry, how's your memory? I'll cite all the conversations that we had. Sprawled out on the floor, who lacks epicurean. I'll take all of those apologies now. Through tupper wares and coke cans, do they remind you of me? Or will you remember me at all? I don't want to do any drugs. I don't want you to do any drugs. I don't want to see your face light up at all of the wrong things. I don't want to see your face light up at talk of substance. I don't want to see your face light up.
Track Name: Masked Marauder, Caped Crusader
Dispositions kept me from impressing you. i adore still everything. We're not on the same page. Improvisations got me in trouble. A failure to plan. Transportation was always an issue. I took it all, I took the beatings, I took the lacerations. I took what was made to be true. I believed it. I'm such a damager, I am the villain, I am the masked marauder. Yeah, ok. My memory does not recall such treachery, sorry for the confusion. Perhaps memory deceived me, but I'm not the deceiver. And I'm not sorry. Even if I was, you wouldn't believe me. I'm this character on your pedestal. You'll never change your mind about me, rectify your trepidations. Cover what you fear to be.
Track Name: My Walk to Feudal Siam
The pressure on my podiatry tells me I should stop. Ankle blisters, and disquiet usually make me drop. It's ok, I insisted on walking. It's the only thing I can count on. You won't believe the things I've seen on my walk. I don't think I believe them too. It's crazy how anxious I got. this could never be true. You'd say it's purple, but it's more of a lilac. I'll never see your face the same again. If you say it's purple, it's more of a pitch black. The girl I saw before me is dead. What kind of precursor is the lilac image burned in my mind? What kind of precursor is the track of trepidation inside? What kind of precursor is the rope that hangs where you reside?
Track Name: She's Just a Karen
You're the girl that everyone is trying to snatch. You don't even know how much of a catch you would be to any of us waiting patiently. This fear of yours is driving me insane. All of these hours in my head trying to explain your behavior. I'd swear you off completely if it weren't for my feeling positively regarding my analysis of your shell. And I wouldn't feel guilty, but this recurring theme in my NyQuil dreams is confusing. Your dark complex. You don't know how perplexing... How bad I want the blue prints spread out. Your mystery adds up to infinity which all the best girls will never amount to. When you're in a position like me, everyone else is just a Karen.
Track Name: Pedestrianism
The sun goes down in an hour, but I think I'll go to bed. You get all the power, and it's me they'll all forget. First come served flower gets all default respect. The meetings after hours keeps the flower nice and fed. Have you ever crossed the Northgate bridge in the middle of the night? Have you ever found the end with a fight? Do you deserve to go away? What percent will you pay? It's still orange outside, but it's bound to turn purple soon. Too bad that's never been a deterrent for you. Where you were, they forgot to invite me. Who you were with, they forgot to inform me. Have you ever crossed Jibboom street bridge at dawn? Will you forget all that happened when you're gone? What if you were to stay? What would be different anyway? A villainous statue with an unwritten statute. More afraid of me than I am of you. Just be an adult, you're almost there.